Our CEO, Gary Williams, on the qualities that define effective leadership in today's hybrid work environment

Noor Fathima Warsia, Group Editorial Director, BW Businessworld: How do you see what qualities define the leadership of today?

Gary Williams, CEO: I think in the past, people often confused strong management with strong leadership. Prior to the crisis you typically had everyone working in offices onsite, and management was a style that worked there. You had the people onsite, you could control and direct them, but when the pandemic and the crisis came along, a different style of leadership was needed – not management, but leadership. Leadership is really leading from the front, setting an example. Leadership is letting go, and giving people their freedom, empowering them, while holding them accountable as well – with freedom comes accountability. I think that the leadership style completely changed from downward, top-down, on-site management and directing, to leading from the front and helping people navigate.

BW Interview – Gary Williams on the qualities that define effective leadership