Pedersen & Partners announces its collaboration with Juan Carlos Garavito as Senior Advisor for Colombia and Latin America

April 21st, 2016 – Bogotá, Colombia – Pedersen & Partners, a leading international Executive Search firm with 56 wholly owned offices in 52 countries, is pleased to announce the launch of its collaboration with Juan Carlos Garavito, a top strategic advisor in Latin America.

Mr. Garavito is a renowned expert with an ample portfolio of cross-border private and public sector advisory projects. Mr. Garavito serves as a board advisor for numerous key players on the LATAM market, including prominent consulting and technology multinationals such as Indra, Kreab, Clarke, Modet & Co and SILO. In addition to his advisory work, Mr. Garavito has accumulated management experience while serving as the General Manager responsible for the Productive Transformation Programme within the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. Earlier in his career, he held several financial roles at the global biotech company Roche.

“The Colombian executive pool has become more diverse and complex over the last decade. I look forward to partnering with my colleagues in order to offer comprehensive business growth advice together with permanent talent acquisition and retention solutions to the firm’s clients, both in Latin America and internationally. I’m also confident that emerging markets are an inexhaustible source of exceptionally talented executives and I anticipate challenging and rewarding mandates,” said Juan Carlos Garavito, Senior Advisor at Pedersen & Partners.

“The Bogota office was the first office that we opened in Latin America. The core of our business has always been to build high-performing, cross-border teams that will develop thriving cultures and provide the best C-suite solutions to our clients. Mr. Garavito’s vast track record of building trusted relationships with clients from both private and public sectors fits Pedersen & Partners’ goals perfectly, and brings us the confidence that this collaboration will further enhance our capabilities to help the firm’s clients accelerate performance by appointing the right leaders for their companies,” concluded Fernanda Garcia, Country Manager for Colombia at Pedersen & Partners.

Pedersen & Partners is one of the fastest-growing, fully integrated Executive Search firms worldwide; it is 100% owned by its partners who all work full-time to serve its clients. The firm celebrated its 15th anniversary in January 2016, and to mark this occasion, it has created a timeline web page, featuring key milestones for the firm’s development and has released an anniversary video.

Pedersen & Partners is a leading international Executive Search firm. We operate 56 wholly owned offices in 52 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia & the Americas. Our values Trust, Relationship and Professionalism apply to our interaction with clients as well as executives. More information about Pedersen & Partners is available at

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