Daniel Ekberg

Daniel Ekberg, a Principal at Pedersen & Partners in Stockholm, leverages over 30 years of leadership and management experience, with a primary focus on the Industrial sector. Before joining the firm, Daniel spent over 15 years in the Executive Search industry, collaborating with international firms, expanding his global network, and gaining a wealth of strategic insights. He also served as the global CEO and President of a prominent Executive Search organisation. Prior to that, Daniel enjoyed a successful career with a multinational telecommunications company, where he achieved remarkable revenue growth and strategic acquisitions as Regional VP for Latin America. In addition to his corporate civilian experience, Daniel held significant military roles, including the positions of Battalion Commander and Officer in the General Staff Corps in the Swedish Defense Forces. His international assignments include serving as a National Representative in the US Central Command for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Daniel holds Supreme Staff Education and Command degrees from the Swedish National Defence University in Stockholm, as well as a degree in Economics & Accounting. In addition to his native Swedish, Daniel is also fluent in English, Danish, and Norwegian, and can communicate in Spanish and German.