Linda Gribuste - Pedersen and Partners Executive Search

Linda Gribuste is a Consultant at Pedersen & Partners, based in Riga, Latvia. With nearly 9 years of Executive Search experience, Ms. Gribuste has completed more than 130 projects in the FMCG, Technology, Production, Pharma, Logistics, and Retail industries across Baltics, in Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Scandinavia. She executed several global projects as well, while in charge of the whole research process and consultancy.

Ms. Gribuste holds a Master’s Degree in Society Management from the University of Latvia, a BSc degree in Management and Agribusiness from Dronten Professional Agricultural University, the Netherlands and a Bachelor’s degree in External Relationships Structural Unit Manager from the Latvia University of Agriculture. She speaks native Latvian, and fluent English and Russian.