Ulf Koller

Ulf Koller is a Consultant at Pedersen & Partners, based in Milan, Italy. With a corporate career spanning 25+ years, Mr. Koller has served in Vice President, Managing Partner, and Partner roles for global executive search players focusing on search, management consulting, and organisational development within the Industrial, HR Management, and Legal segments. He was also the Senior Vice President HR & External Relations for Italian steelmaker ThysennKrupp Acciai Speciali Terni SpA, leading and expanding its national and international activities, driving business development, and cross-border search execution. Mr. Koller has extensive legal and counselling expertise, and supported clients while working for German Trade, Company, and Civil Law advisories. Prior to joining Pedersen & Partners Mr. Koller was a Senior Legal, Tax, and Auditing Consultant as well as Consultant for the Prosecutor’s Office in Terni.

Mr. Koller holds a Law degree from Leibniz University, and completed Erasmus studies at the Universities of Bristol and Athens. In addition to his native German, he is fluent in Italian and English.