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InSight Leadership Assessment

In a world that is changing at an ever-increasing pace, organisations must ensure that executives continue to develop the behaviours and mindsets that allow them to make greater sense of complexity, build broader alignments across a more diverse stakeholder community, thrive on the delivery of challenging goals; and, to embrace learning and change, in order to compete effectively.

Our proprietary InSight Leadership Assessment approach is grounded in current leadership development research and best practice methodologies and applications. Tailored to our clients’ needs, and to current and anticipated business scenarios and contexts, this solution provides a rigorously comprehensive approach to leadership assessment that brings an independent, objective lens to individual executives, or, indeed, to the full executive team. 

We help organisations to evolve their thinking around leadership talent in a range of situations:

  • Talent inventory for new CEO
  • Post M&A integration
  • Scaling a business for growth
  • PE investee company due diligence
  • C-Suite succession planning
  • High Potential development
  • Talent management


Career Transition (Outplacement)

Lifetime employment is no longer a career option. Organisations and executives need support in navigating important career transitions and facilitating development and growth. Clients seek to engage with a professional counterpart who can build a trusted environment to help facilitate this growth. 

Our Career Transition Coaching encourages an executive to:

  • take stock of the experiences and skills that they have developed to date in order to anchor their current position; 
  • facilitate their own thoughts about their career ambitions and goals, and to work to generate potential future career options;
  • define what is distinctive about their leadership brand;
  • build deeper self-awareness and leadership authenticity;
  • support any leadership development areas identified as critical for the next phase of their career, in order to make their career journey as fulfilling as possible;
  • provide action-orientated support and coaching, as they interact with the marketplace.  


Executive Integration

The integration of a new hire can often be focused on basic orientation and procedural onboarding and assimilation, rather than systematic support. Our methodology and approach helps accelerate alignment between leaders, their line managers and their teams, and allows faster understanding of the cultural and decision-making environment of the new organisation. 

Our onboarding solution provides organisational benefits, and mitigates the risks of integrating senior executives. It provides a structured process to help a candidate and the organisation prioritise for impact, while building confidence and trust with key stakeholders. 

If you would like to explore how our Leadership Consulting Services could support your particular business need, please contact:

Mona Neagoe

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