Board Services

Board Services

At Pedersen & Partners, we believe the overriding purpose of good corporate governance is to enable effective, entrepreneurial, and prudent management that can deliver the long-term success of a company. 

The Board of Directors bears the responsibility for the organisation’s governance. And while in the case of listed companies the shareholders’ role is to appoint the directors and the auditors, and observe the governance structure in place, the role can often be more complex and nuanced in privately held or family-owned businesses. 

Our Global Board Services practice group has a strong presence in local markets, an in-depth understanding of governance issues and trends and an international network of experienced Consultants. We understand the need to create a meaningful balance between best practices, company cultures, and local governance requirements, as we serve clients across the private, public, not-for-profit or NGO sectors organisations in making key Board appointments and delivering against critical Board advisory mandates. 

Our firm belief is that businesses and Boards are enriched through having diversity of representation and thought around the table, and that better decisions are enabled when different and inclusive viewpoints are sought and listened to. With our roots in developing markets, we embrace delivering Board potential candidates that bring the relevant mix of cultural, ethnic and gender diversity to any given mandate. 

We advise organisations in the following areas:

Board Advisory

  • Board & CEO Succession Planning
  • Advisory Board Consulting & Planning

We are delighted to partner with the Advisory Board Centre, a global leader in best practices for Advisory Boards, in order to address our clients’ growing need to strengthen and complement their corporate governance structures with agile and ‘fit-for-purpose’ Advisory Boards. 

Advisory Boards provide the flexibility and agility to facilitate the resolution of key business problems and build confidence in both decision-making and strategy formulation. The application of Advisory Board models is broad. However, the intent is consistent; collating independent, qualified expertise in a flexible environment to solve a particular problem. We focus on sourcing the relevant talent in order to support our clients across a range of situations in which they wish to establish and engage with well-defined, balanced and capable Advisory Boards. 

Board Appointments

  • Chair, Chair of Committee & Non-Executive Director Appointments 
  • CEO and Executive Director Appointment Process Definition & Execution
  • CEO and Executive Director Succession Planning
  • Advisory Board Chair and Member/Advisor Appointments

By listening more closely to our clients, we seek to bring differential perspectives to every engagement, and this is underpinned by our values of Trust, Relationship and Professionalism. We go ‘beyond the obvious’ and aim consistently to deliver value-creating outcomes.

Each of our mandates has a unique context, and our advice is crafted to a specific client requirement. 

For more information about the Board Services Practice Group, please contact our regional representatives.