How to find the best CEO? Partner Evita Lune interviewed by serial entrepreneur Matiss Ansviesulis

March 29, 2024 - Riga, Latvia

Evita Lune, Partner and Global Head of Pedersen & Partners’ FinTech Practice, was recently interviewed in a podcast hosted by serial entrepreneur Matiss Ansviesulis regarding our approach to executive search and the process of finding the best CEO.

*Note: the interview is in Latvian language.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

1. In effective networking, I prioritize adding value in every conversation. For me, networking is not spontaneous but rather systematic within relevant business circles.

2. After years of working with corporate clients, I found my niche in working with FinTech scale-ups due to their openness to novelty, direct and authentic culture, global ambition, and technological advancement.

3. In completing assignments, the maximum number of candidates on the long list has reached 700, while in more usual cases it is around 100-150 candidates. Despite the abundance of candidates, only a few are truly successful and talented.

4. For CEO mandates, I develop an individualized pitch based on the specific candidate's soft spots and why it would be relevant for them to change jobs and join our client.

5. While we assist in developing the Executive Value Proposition within each mandate, the ability of the hiring manager/body to pitch their company and the position is crucial for attracting shortlisted candidates.

6. CEO profiles and types of FinTechs vary significantly depending on the form of ownership. Firms owned by financial investors focus on growth towards the next valuation cycle, while privately-owned firms often bootstrap and focus on profitability. They are less affected by financial market cycles.