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Denisa Volekova is a Principal at Pedersen & Partners, based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Ms. Voleková brings 20+ years of investment banking, acquisition integration and strategy consulting experience from such companies as BCG and Wood&Company. Lately, she has directed her professional focus to the energy sector, while working for ČEZ Group. Ms. Voleková led the acquisitions of solar power plants and served as the Supervisory Board Member in those portfolio companies. She also helped multinationals such as Enel Group in their nuclear activities. Additionally, Ms. Volekova actively engages in mentoring and providing customised trainings for empowering women in business. 

Ms. Volekova holds a Master’s degree in Financial and Strategic management from the Comenius University in Bratislava. In addition to her native Slovak, she speaks English and French fluently, and can communicate in Russian and German.