Pedersen & Partners Practice Group FinTech

FinTech Practice Group

The core competence of the Pedersen & Partners FinTech Practice is our ability to support challenger organisations – scaleups, attackers, game changers – as they fulfil their global ambitions.

Our FinTech clients are there to shake up the global financial services ecosystem by applying innovative technologies and business models, which can cut out middlemen, include underserved market segments, and offer financial services in a much faster, more effective and user-friendly way. 

Our clients are challengers, who have been brave and agile enough to scale up their businesses from “zero to hero” in just a few fast years. Our FinTech clients are innovators, and they require an innovative, different Executive Search approach due to their speed, aggressive tactics, the continuously changing market and legal conditions – and most importantly, the disruptive, non-corporate leadership style that they favour. Most of them have applied the latest technology solutions from cashless societies.

The global FinTech ecosystem is constantly changing. To a large extent, it is fragmented and asymmetric as “frenemies” push back on incumbent organisations. Increasing interest from investors, including venture capitalists, corporate funds and private equities, make the FinTech landscape even more dynamic.

We are able to help our FinTech clients to navigate the global financial services ecosystem, identify market gaps, and advise on the right direction of their international expansion plans. There are no copy-paste solutions in FinTech Executive Search, and thus our team is required to master the highest level of market knowledge.

Our current portfolio of FinTech clients include:

  • Online lending platforms, crowdfunding & peer to peer lending
  • Challenger banks
  • Modern merchant acquirers and other PSPs
  • Marketplaces
  • Online trading platforms
  • Enabling FinTechs
  • Tech Giants

For more information on Executive Search within the FinTech Practice Group, please contact the Pedersen & Partners Global FinTech Practice Group Head.