Container Shipping Conference – 2022

Pedersen & Partners is pleased to announce its Strategic Partnership with the Container Shipping Conference 2022 

#CSC2022 brings together key players of the Container, Transport and Logistics industry, to probe and explore winning strategies and technologies, by means of innovations in dealing with the current and future logistics challenges of the Container Industry. The aim of this event will be to bring the global container shipping professionals together to understand and discuss the global market issues and technical challenges.

With an intense 3-day agenda, the conference seeks to expand in-depth discussions, strategies and applied knowledge along with technological challenges of Supply Chain & Logistics operations. 

Online event

Virtual Event

The Container Shipping Conference event will be focused on the following key topics:

  • Development, Economic Outlook and the Worldwide Overview on Container Logistics Market in the coming years
  • Investment Scenario and Opportunities for Global Logistics and Supply Chain industry
  • Intermodal Connectivity and Role of Ship to Rail to Truck Logistics
  • Strategic solutions for improving efficiency of “End-to-End Logistics”
  • Emerging Digitalization technologies into Supply Chain & Ports and its benefits, impact and performance
  • Covid-19 and Beyond - The Impact on Supply Chains and Container Shipping Industry
  • Container Optimization and Platform Collaboration - How to save Costs, Fuel and Effort through optimization & real time application
  • Accelerating Digitalization: IoT & AI/ML, Blockchain, Digitalized Supply Chain
  • Opportunities and Challenges - Digitization of the Container Service Industry, Smart Ports and Terminals, Smart Containers
  • Modern Policies, Legislation & Regulations Affecting the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Sector and Port Industry
  • Groundbreaking Technologies and Best Practices & Expertise in Cyber Security and Blockchain of Port Operations
  • Reduce extra costs of demurrage & detention charges and container rollovers charges
  • Causes and Impacts of Port Congestion

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