Container Shipping Conference & Exhibition 2023


The Container Shipping Conference 2023 is a 100% virtual event aimed at creating opportunities to boost profitability and strategies to maximize efficiencies.

The Container Shipping Digitalization Conference brings together container and technology innovators to push forward a complete digital transformation within the container shipping. While working with our manufacturing audience, to probe and explore winning strategies and technologies, by means of innovations in dealing with the current and future shipping challenges.

The aim of this event will be to bring digital innovators in next generation technologies together to understand and discuss the global market issues and technical challenges to propel the industry forward.

This platform will include entire Shipping and Procurement, Transportation and Logistics industry together along with Manufacturer, Retail, Consumer Goods, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Govt. Officials, Transportation & Logistics providers, and many more to discuss the latest developments and best practices in the industry.

With an intense 2-day agenda, the conference seeks to expand in-depth discussions, strategies and applied knowledge along with technological challenges of shipping & procurement operations.

The conference is holding a promising meeting place for the industry, through its interactive sessions, highlighting the latest developments in the industry.

Online event

100% virtual event

Conference Agenda Key Topics
  • Development, Economic Outlook and the Worldwide Overview on Container Logistics Market in the coming years
  • Leveraging Digitalization to optimize and reduce costs, while improving processes and customer service
  • Emerging Digitalization technologies into Supply Chain & Ports and its benefits, impact and performance
  • Container Optimization and Platform Collaboration - How to save Costs, Fuel and Effort through optimization & real time application
  • Opportunities and Challenges - Digitization of the Container Service Industry, Smart Ports and Terminals, Smart Containers
  • Modern Policies, Legislation & Regulations Affecting the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Sector and Port Industry
  • Groundbreaking Technologies and Best Practices & Expertise in Cyber Security and Blockchain of Port Operations
  • Opportunities and Challenges in – Digital Logistics, Intelligent Supply Chain for Logistics Planning and Management
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