Austria: The largest HR-Manager Network celebrates 10 years

The HR-Lounge established in 2008, is the largest network of HR-Managers in Austria with 267 members. Over the past ten years 50 Club meetings took place in Upper Austria and 30 - in Vienna. The first anniversary was celebrated with nearly 200 Human Resources Managers in a festive gala in Linz. Sparkasse Upper Austria hosted this great evening.

Left to right: President of the HR Lounge Josef Buttinger, Minister of Economic Affairs, Austria Margarete Schramböck, Vice Gouverneur for Upper Austria Michael Strugl
Picture (c): @cityfoto

The Country Manager for Austria at Pedersen & Partners, Josef Buttinger, as the Founder & President of the HR-Lounge network welcomed the Minister of Economic Affairs of Austria, Margarete Schramböck. She emphasized the importance of HR Managers in driving the change in companies and was absolutely impressed that the firms represented at the HR-Lounge, employ  nearly 420,000 people.

The Vice Governor of Upper Austria, Michael Strugl said with a smile: "As State Councilor for Economy I am responsible for the labour market in Upper Austria and as such, I feel part of this exclusive circle named HR Lounge.” Maximilian Pointner, CEO in the Sparkasse Upper Austria pointed out the important work that the personnel managers play in building relationships within the companies. Similar statement was made by the CEO of Brau Union Austria, Magne Setnes. He paid highest tribute to the HR-Managers and recognised their contribution as decisive for the strategic development of companies now and in the future.

The members of the HR-Lounge acknowledged President’s Josef "Sepp" Buttinger for his tireless personal commitment over the past 10 years by presenting him with a special edition of beers branded with his portrait.

In 2017 in recognition of his commitment to the HR Lounge, Josef Buttinger was named HR Person of the Year.

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