Pedersen & Partners Bulgaria: Cultural Dialogue with Svetoslav Ivanov

Sofia, Bulgaria – In November 2017, Pedersen & Partners had the pleasure to introduce Svetoslav Ivanov, a top Bulgarian journalist and publicist to its clients and partners. The event was organized in close collaboration with the ProCredit Bank Bulgaria at Peroto Club, an atmospheric place for literature and reading in Sofia.

The discussion with Mr. Ivanov was part of a local initiative lead by Pedersen & Partners to connect Bulgarian businesses and prominent figures of art & culture, and boost collaboration and exchange among them.

Mr. Ivanov, who is a charismatic and intriguing story teller, told the guests about his journey as a writer and a journalist, and shared interesting stories of his real-life experience in the Middle East. He openly revealed his thoughts about the impact of social media on information and analysis, and discussed the threats of fake news and lack of profound analysis of news. Mr Ivanov was kind enough to present his second book "Monsters and Alumnus".

Last, but not least, among the topics of discussion with the audience was the lack of positive corporate news limited by an outdated local legislation, as well as the weekly TV show, 120 Minutes.

“It is so rewarding to see a closer connection being forged between the cultural elite in our country and the businesses at our Business Meets Culture series. In 2018 we will continue the initiative and hopefully build a solid platform where reputable ambassadors of culture can meet representatives of leading international and local organisations to freely exchange opinions and learn from each other,” stated Irena Bushandrova, Country Manager for Bulgaria at Pedersen & Partners.

“Business Meets Culture events are very enriching to me and I am always excited to join these. Pedersen & Partners offers a unique opportunity for an executive like me to meet in person with inspirational individuals who are popular on the one hand, and have a lot to share with the audience, on the other. I look forward to future discussions with the special selection of speakers chosen by Pedersen & Partners,” commented Andreana Mateva, Chief Financial Officer of Intersnack Bulgaria.

Irena Bushandrova has been the Country Manager for Bulgaria at Pedersen & Partners since 2009. Ms. Bushandrova brings a wealth of senior management experience in the financial services sector having worked in key management roles at ING Bank in Bulgaria for 11 years. Most recently, as Head of Corporate Lending at ING, Ms. Bushandrova oversaw ING’s credit portfolio, managed a team of relationship managers, and actively supported other profit-centers in the bank via product cross-selling. Before joining ING in 1997, she was part of the lending team at the Bulgarian American Enterprise Fund for three years.

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