Capital: Beijing
Population: 1,410,929
Top Industries: Industry, Mining, Metals, Coal, Manufacturing, Textiles, Petroleum, Consumer Products, Transportation Equipment, Food Processing, Telecommunications, Technology

Executive Search Experts in Shanghai, China

China is developing new social, demographic, technological forces and its economy is evolving fast from low cost/quality products export. Our clients need to take advantage of its considerable growth of export, FDI and domestic consumption to secure strong market position and keep their global competitiveness through economies of scale. The Chinese business environment is aggressive and costs are increasing fast, multinationals must rely on a solid management team to adapt their business methods to local practices and outperform the competition. Pedersen & Partners' consultants in Shanghai bring extensive Executive Search experience in Greater China and all conducted hundreds of senior recruitments across all sectors; they have gained the necessary knowledge to address our clients' critical needs in the region to attract and retain high-calibre candidates which meet client expectations. They have and continue to build a network of senior executives with international experience and of a senior level, in and outside of China. We are able to help our clients in improving their profitability and increasing their market shares in and outside of China.

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9/F, Eco City, No.1788, Nanjing West Road
Jing'an District, 200040 Shanghai, China
T +86 186 1110 5458

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David Law Man Co
Client Partner, Head of Greater China/ Head of Industrial Practice - Asia Pacific
Cheryl Chen corporate
Client Partner, Consumer & Retail Practice