Leadership in Lisbon: Country Manager Margarita Hernández discusses her new role

Lisbon, Portugal – Interview with “Human Resources Portugal.”

I am proud to look back on my nineteen-year career in management consulting, during which I have focused on reorganisations due to process reengineering, system implementations, cultural changes, and similar transformation projects. My experiences in numerous European and African countries across a diverse range of sectors (Industrial, Consumer Goods, Retail, Banking, Oil & Gas and Telecommunications) have given me a broad-ranging and thorough knowledge of corporate realities.

Within the economic environment, companies and organisations work to define their strategies and goals – whether growth, consolidation or another pathway. Above all, companies are rarely satisfied with mere survival, but want to differentiate themselves, stand out; reach “pole position” in their industry.

An organisation may have the best operating model, the most efficient processes, the most advanced technologies or the most innovative product on the market, but without appropriate management and leadership, it is doomed to failure. Human resources are the key to success in any organisation because it is people who will execute the processes, leverage the technologies, get the innovative product to market. An inspirational and visionary leader, who monitors and manages the workforce to get the most out of them, will give the company an irreplaceable asset. Leadership is the key to an organisation’s success in terms of objectives and market position.

Over the years, I have analysed the way in which organisations have invested their money and efforts in external and internal consulting in order to search for solutions to help them improve. Some of these organisations were able to quantify the recipe for success and gather all the necessary ingredients, but then found that they did not have the right ‘cook’ to follow the recipe and achieve the desired results. The characteristics of the ideal leader are not universal, and must be tailored to the individual organisation and its unique challenges.

With this background experience, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I am now part of a great global team within which I will continue to fulfil my objective of helping my clients to succeed, by searching for the managers and leaders that perfectly fit the needs of my clients at the right time. This team is named Pedersen & Partners, and its value proposition combines tried and true processes, systems and motivations to find the "front line" leaders, managers and high-performance performers that its clients need.

Pedersen & Partners was launched in 2001 with its first two offices in Prague and Warsaw, and is now the international Executive Search firm leader in emerging markets. The Lisbon office is the firm’s 56th fully owned office across 52 countries.

Pedersen & Partners is a single, global multinational firm. This is essential to ensure that our customers experience real teamwork throughout the organisation. Pedersen & Partners offers an integrated high quality Executive Search service, both locally and internationally. This brand allows Pedersen & Partners to attract higher-quality managers and leaders.

Pedersen & Partners Lisbon will offer greater proximity to the Portuguese-speaking talent pool, and will provide adequate guidance on the cultural characteristics of the countries in which we operate. As an Executive Search leader in emerging markets, we want our Lisbon office to reach out to customers in Angola and Brazil, and to scour the globe in order to provide them with the perfect candidates for their management and leadership positions.

My personal goal is to make a decisive contribution to our customers’ success. I want to listen to their needs with interest and honesty, understand their specific business contexts and the culture of their organisations, and to find the best and most suitable people for every challenge across a wider range of industries.

Pedersen & Partners is one of the fastest-growing, fully integrated Executive Search firms worldwide; it is 100% owned by its partners who all work full-time to serve its clients. The firm celebrated its 15th anniversary in January 2016, and to mark this occasion, it has created a timeline web page, featuring key milestones for the firm’s development and has released an anniversary video.

Margarita Hernández is the Country Manager for Portugal at Pedersen & Partners, and she also oversees Executive Search engagements across multiple industries in Angola. Drawing on an impressive track record of almost twenty years of consulting experience in Western and Central Europe, Ms. Hernández brings a portfolio of Executive Search, leadership assessment, executive coaching and management consulting expertise to the firm. As a renowned advisor and executive leader, she has cross-sector experience working with Fortune Global 500 & 100 and mid-cap organisations, and covering Organisational and Human Capital management consulting, with deep knowledge in International Transformational Projects. Prior to joining Pedersen & Partners, Ms. Hernández served as a Senior Manager for Accenture where she completed a wide range of organisational behaviour and change management assignments, including talent management and executive coaching and development projects, with the main focus on the Products and Resources industries.

Pedersen & Partners is a leading international Executive Search firm. We operate 56 wholly owned offices in 52 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia & the Americas. Our values Trust, Relationship and Professionalism apply to our interaction with clients as well as executives. More information about Pedersen & Partners is available at www.pedersenandpartners.com

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