Speak up! Eradicating the habit of staying silent in conversations with management, “Dienas Bizness”

Riga, Latvia – Although we no longer live in times where it is unacceptable to express a negative opinion to management, many employees still have qualms about speaking up, and carefully reflect on exactly what they will say.

Latvia's biggest daily business newspaper, “Dienas Bizness” asked our Partner Evita Lune to comment on this topic:

“The authoritative style of management is seen in the older generation of managers, mainly because their management style is based on an archaic business culture, and most likely will never change. However, the new generation of managers have an entirely different business culture, especially in relatively new business fields such as FinTech. This culture is based on a liberal environment, and focuses on using every ounce of employee talent. Almost all of the post-Soviet states are affected by the authoritative management style of older generations, and it definitely decreases their competitiveness in the market.”

Working lunches – for business and pleasure

Business lunches serve as a way to establish closer relationships with clients and business partners, and to lay the groundwork for possible future cooperation.

“In order to create an appropriate atmosphere befitting the client's status, a high-class restaurant should be chosen. The atmosphere should encourage formal rather than romantic conversation, and any background noise or activity should be unobtrusive, so that the partners can focus on the main topic undisturbed,” says Evita Lune, Partner at Pedersen & Partners. Usually the initiator of the meeting pays for the lunch, but in some business cultures, a man will insist on paying for a woman regardless of situation or status.

Evita Lune joined Pedersen & Partners in 2005; she is a Partner, the Country Manager for Latvia and Head of the Retail Practice Group. As Partner, Ms. Lune also takes on regional oversight, and through completing numerous senior level assignments, Ms. Lune has established strong cooperation with clients in Poland, the Baltics, Scandinavia, Russia, and CIS across such sectors as: FinTech, Consumer Goods, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, and the Professional Services sectors. Her previous experience includes three years with the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga as the Executive MBA Program Director and six years with Shell in international and regional marketing management functions in Riga, Budapest and Brussels.

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